Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things Jane Loves To Do

Many of you have commented on Jane's love of the outdoors and nature. We just received an email from our friend, Cynthia, who sent this photo taken of Jane a few years ago when she went on a backpacking trip with several other women.

Jane still tells stories of that wonderful time she had with the girls in the mountains.


rosepua said...

Wow! I forgot about that trip until seeing the photo. Great accomplishment and attitude by Jane. Really. Love you, MA

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane & Doug: It's Tracy LeBarron. I've been in San Diego for a year and was in Portland for a year and half before that... as you can imagine, news from Corvallis takes quite a while to reach me. I'm so sorry for your family's pain (your immediately AND your hugely extended family, the one of which I count myself a member). I met Jane about 13 years ago at NW Hills, Doug awhile after. Our lives have intertwined many times since then; I've been so blessed to know you, to have worked with you, to have laughed, and cried, with you. (Zamarfest will always be one of the very coolest things to have happened to Corvallis!) I tried to write you yesterday but, as Doug can testify, computers are not my friends and I've no idea where my letter went. I saw that new picture of Janey in the mountains wearing my tee-shirt and knew I had to try again. I believe that some day, when we each get to see the tapestry that God is weaving (the story of our life) from HIS viewpoint (the top, the right side), as opposed to what we've looked at all the days of our lives: the underside, a tangled jumble of threads where the colors clash and we see no pattern, no clear roads, nothing that makes sense to us... not yet. When we get to see the finished product, we will recognize each other by the color of our thread as it shows up from time to time. I can't wait to see Jane's color! I'll bet it's warm and bright (but subtle, as Jane always wants Jesus to outshine her! She would have Him get all the glory, every time and in every way); her color will be compatible with so many others - one of her most amazing gifts was her uncanny ability to bring previously unacquainted people together so that God's purposes would be accomplished. Her "color" will show up in countless tapestries, in the huge events of our lives, and in the small seemingly (to us, not to God) insignificant moments; for by then, we will know fully, as we are fully known, and we will recognize those "moments" as the times God did a huge work in us. And Jane has been one of his favorite facilitators. Her color will be as surprising and unique as she is! I'm so glad that Christians don't ever have to truly say goodbye. It's more like: "See you at the reunion!" That Great Day is fast approaching... I don't think we have long to wait.

Love, eternally, in Jesus... Tracy

Jane Easton said...


Great to hear from you. We both still have your T-shirts from Zamarfest.