Thursday, October 4, 2007

October 4

Quote for the day:
"Don't think about it so much." -found on the inside of a Dove chocolate wrapper).

I had my monthly blood check on Monday, and my two month doctor visit yesterday. Everything still looks real good, in fact, the CEA level is even lower - 1.9!!! So, this is very encouraging and gives me yet another respite and something to be very thankful for. The neuropathy is still with me and may be something I need to get used to for the duration.

Doug has started school and so far is doing well. This means, though, that he is not working at this time. Finances are tight to say the least. We will re-evaluate after this school term as to if he needs to work a weekend shift. I am working pretty much full time for now.

So, things are good and moving along, intermixed with some very big challenges. I believe one of the lessons I am in the process of learning is how to live in the 11th hour, one day at a time, no worries about tomorrow. This is difficult for someone who really likes all her ducks in a row!! I've forgotten these last couple of weeks that God is in control and is bigger than any problem I can come to Him with, but through a series of events, He's showing me, once again, that He is in the big AND the small things. So, this is a lesson that I hope to grab hold of soon! I need to keep looking to Him and not to the circumstances.

Thank you for continued prayers. They really, really do make a huge difference.
Any thoughts are welcomed.