Thursday, May 1, 2008

Please Don't Leave Me

Hi friends. Jane had a rough night and morning today. We were up at 1:30am again, doing the (now) normal routine. We both went back to sleep about 2:00am, but Jane said she did not feel like she was completely emptied; a feeling that she actually looks forward to these days.

About 6:00am, her sister woke me and said, "Jane needs your help." I went in and found Jane sobbing and holding her stomach. I asked, "What's going on," and she showed me her pain patch; it had fallen off some time during the night, and we don't know how long she'd been without medicine.

I called hospice, reapplied the pain patch with more tape, and waited for them to arrive with the "emergency kit." While we were waiting, Jane started to cry and I asked her, "What's going on?" She said, "Please don't leave me." I fell apart. "I could never leave you." I said. I was then reminded of the words of Jesus, "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

When the hospice nurse arrived a few minutes later, we were able to get her pain back under control, and she rested comfortably for several hours this afternoon.

We had a nice, quiet day today; the phone did not ring as much, and there was less traffic than the past few days. I feel badly because we even had to restrict a visit from Brent, Shelly, and Lily. Thankfully, they understand.

Jane is resting now, and we are asking you again tonight to partner with us in prayer for peace, and a full night's rest. One more thing: Jane has been having nightmares of sorts, and would also ask you to pray that God will fill her dreams with visions of peace, loveliness, and holy things.


Cheryl Graham said...

Jane and Doug,
I am privileged to be able to pray for you and I'm sorry that the struggle has been so difficult. I am praying that your pain relief would not be disrupted again and that it is complete. May you be comforted knowing that the God of peace, comfort and joy will never leave you nor forsake you. May this comfort extend to each of your family members and everyone who is doing their best to walk through this with you. God bless you.
Love in Jesus' precious name,
Cheryl Graham

Anonymous said...

Our Lord is with you during this time. I am praying for you today. Kyle and I will see you tomorrow night.

Love Dave S

Sharon Geisert said...

Just a note to say the Geisert
family is praying for the Easton
family. I just read all the blog
postings and should never do that at work. I am misty & my heart is heavy. All it really means though, is that you are loved. You have touched many lives together & have a lot of people that care about you deeply. Jane, your prayers are alive. They keep on going! Things you have prayed for & do not see the fulfillment of at this moment are still in process. I think of Daniel, as of course the kids grew up together, and I want you to know I feel an assignment to pray especially for him. I will join your prayers for him. I will say amen to them.
You are as loved lady.

Thinking of you so much,

Shar Geisert