Monday, May 5, 2008

Fabulous Fund-Raiser

Today, there was an incredible outpouring of support for Jane and my family. But first, let's back up and retrace the steps leading up to lunch today . . .

Last night we were watching a movie, and about 9:00pm Jane said, "I'm tired" and I helped her settle in for the night. During those moments, she complained of a pain just inferior to her right clavicle (below the collarbone, for non-A&P types). The pain steadily worsened until it was about a 7 on a scale from 1-10 (not a good place to be). So I called the Hospice nurse, and she advised me what to do. Jane wanted to know what might be going on, and the nurse said, "without looking inside, it's hard to tell." She was not being flippant at all, just reiterating that at this point there will be no more X-rays, no more CT scans, no more blood tests, etc.

Hearing that was a good reminder to both Jane and me that our objective is to manage the symptoms, and keep Jane as comfortable as possible. So after about 2 hours, we had her pain under control, and she was sleeping soundly. Starting last night I have begun to set my alarm for 12:00 midnight to wake up and administer her medication. Then, back to bed and reset the alarm for 4:00am for more medication. That worked very well last night. The next interval was at 8:00am, and we all slept close to that time.

The Hospice nurse and social worker visited today at 11:00am and we had a wonderful chat. Everyone is on the same page, and Jane is at peace with how everyone else is doing. She's a remarkable woman; for most of her anxiety has to do with how me and the kids, and how all of you, yes, how all of you are doing. She is so concerned about everyone else, and wants everyone to know that she's is ok, and at peace with things.

Jane was bummed out that she could not be at Woodstock's today. We were told that both at lunch, and at dinner, the line for ordering pizza was out the door!

My sister Pam (who knows EVERYONE in Corvallis and Albany) told us who was there, and we were overwhelmed with your love! I brought a basketfull of cards home at lunch, and I understand there are more cards from tonight. Jane and I were touched by each card that you wrote. Thank you everyone for demonstrating your love to our family.

We could not do this without each of you.


Sue Gaston said...

Hi Jane!
Greg and I just heard about the tough times you and your family are going through and just wanted to let you know we love you and are praying for you all. We just went through a similar experience with Greg's mom with Alzeheimers and know how bittersweet and surreal what your going through can be.

We remember fondly all the church campouts, and our times together at Women's Bible Study. I remember specifically laughing together about looking forward to feasting at the Lord's table! Save us a spot should you get there first! It's so comforting to know that we will all be able to share those laughs again in the His good time. My eyes just fell to a card on my bulletin board that says "Trials are not enemies of faith, but are opportunities to prove God's faithfullness." His is faithful to everyone of His prayer is that you and your family will hang on to them with all you've got, and find great comfort there.

Please know you are loved. We would have loved to be there last night at Woodstocks for you and your family. We miss all of our NWH family very much! You have served the Lord very well Jane, even through these earthly eyes.
Be Blessed.

Sue Gaston

Anonymous said...

I was unable to go to woodstocks last night but I did pass it on to a bunch of people at work so I am hoping they were there...I am praying for you! You are a blessing!! Thank you for all your wise words throughout the years! I love you!

Dee said...

I didn't go either - I was feeling pretty fragile from stuff that went on with me last week - so I'm glad that the fundraiser went so well. I did think about you and wondered how everything went.

Peace. Dee