Friday, May 2, 2008

Good Night!

And I don't mean the street in South Corvallis . . .

nor do I mean the Brave Sir Lancelot . . .

Jane had a very good night last night. Slept from 10:00pm until about 1:30am. Woke up, applied some more (anti) nausea creme, back to sleep; woke again at 4:45am. No vomiting all night, and just a little nausea.

Jane feels like having another IV infusion today, so that's a good sign (no pun intended) too. I am thinking that keeping things quiet around here yesterday and everyone's prayers, helped a lot.

Let's keep praying for a continued good day today. Thank you prayer warriors!


Anonymous said...

Doug and Jane,
I am soooo glad you guys had a 'peaceful" night. I will continue to pray for that.
Lisa H.

Anonymous said...

May God give you a good day with his peace and another night tonight filled with peace and no nightmares. Was so good to see you last week. You are an amazing woman. We miss you at work. I remember too, wow, what an awesome pitcher you were on our softball team. The courage you had to continue on when runners would walk or we would mess up in the infield. We have so many fun memories of playing softball. You were patient with many. Remember the ones who had not played since 6the grade!!
Anyway,we miss you alot at work and love you and will continue to pray for you.
Debbi W.

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I will keep praying. Love you! May the Lord continue to give you peaceful nights!

Vicki said...

Doug and Jane,
I am praying for you both continually especially tonight for His peace and rest.
Jane, thank you for being with Virgil when I had surgery and being such a awesome friend to me. I love you.

Richard said...

Hello Jane, Doug, & Family,

We haven't talked for some time, didn't know things were at this point until we heard about Woodstocks.

Sometimes words cannot express...
This is one of those times.
I don't know what to say.

I think we say & write things to make ourselves feel better, but the truth is that although we may meet again, there will be a dear part missing should He take you to be with Him instead of here with us. You must be torn?, scared?, waiting?, enduring?. You Have made a difference, but you'll hear that soon I'm sure.

I wish we could see you before you leave, but respect your wishes. Would love to see you at Woodstocks, hopefully. I know you'll post on your blog if you can & what time.

Lenora was recently diagnosed with MS. The symptoms started over 12 years ago, but started to be more noticeable over the past few years, & then we got another MRI last year & there were many "flare-ups" whereas the technology 12 years ago was not nearly so conclusively pointing to MS. She started taking medication for MS & we will see how things go. I would pick another way/time of sharing this, but this may be the only way we can communicate for some time.

I know He is giving you grace, & I also can see that He has blessed many many of us with your life as He has loaned you to us for a little while. And as people hear of you & your family, He is no doubt pouring out a special blessing to many people right now through you. I know this.

Thank you for being patient with us and steadfast as we have not always been there you guys when dealing with our own silly problems/lives.

Really enjoyed your guitar playing, & especially when you played my Ovation at our house over diner. We also enjoyed the trips to the coast with you & Doug.

If we are unable to see you before you go, & if it doesn't sound too low key, I feel like saying it, & I say it with sincerity, Goodbye Jane, it's been fun, & we'll see you again soon.

They are in good hands Jane, they are in His hands. They have always been in His hands, & He has used you as an example of how to let God have more of you over the years. His hands have always been bigger than ours or yours, & they will still be tomorrow.

May you be able to enjoy more than a good meal, more than a warm embrace, more than "well done Jane…", more than your eyes have seen or your ears have heard, or your heart has known soon Jane, soon.

Love & tears,
Richard, Lenora, Josh, & Tim.☺