Thursday, May 8, 2008

Humor in the Midst of Sorrow

This morning, Jane's sister walked with her to the bathroom. After returning to her bed, Jane started to crawl in on her hands and knees, when her wrist sort of gave way, and she slowly crumpled, collapsed and rolled over on her side.

She looked at Terry and said, "I got a flat tire." They both laughed until they cried. Jane has such a great sense of humor, and is able to see funny things in the midst of her situation.


Anonymous said...

Many thigs change, but some remain the same. Jane's sense of humor, for instance! I look forward to her leading us with her heavenly guitar as we worship together at our Lord's feet. In the meantime, I thank you for sharing with us your very great love. May the Lord hold you tightly-

Mary King (formerly Corvallis, but now in Pasco, WA)

Dee said...

Hi Jane and Doug,
Posting this was great - I'm chuckling with you. It reminds me of when I noticed that the nipple we were trying to save for reconstruction had fallen off and I didn't notice it. So, it's now the name of the boob joke collection I'd like to put together entitled "Pardon me, have you seen my nipple?" Flat tires seem to fit in the same category!

I also just noticed that you've put a link to my blog on your blogs and I just wanted to say thank you! I just hope that other people find it useful. Although I don't think we have ever formally met, we have that Zion tie, so I am following what's going on in your lives. Again, I wish you the best and I hope you enjoyed the latest round of jokes I posted!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I can really picture Jane saying that and laughing with her sister. You are in my prayers.
Mary Law