Friday, May 2, 2008

One Step Forward . . . Three Steps Back

Well friends, as good as last night was, today was just the opposite. It started out really well, and Jane asked to have another IV transfusion, so I started her at about 9:30am, and went out to have lunch with my kids and granddaughter. Got home about 11:00am.

Checked in on Jane and some dear friends, Tom and Terri had come over to pray with her. I left Jane with them, and the rest of us piled in the cars and drove to Oaklawn Cemetery, where my mom was buried about 15 years ago.

We've decided that Jane will be buried there. It was pretty tough on our son Matt; and kind of odd for the rest of us to be thinking about that while Jane is still here. But it's something that has to be done. It's really pretty there. We thought about cremation and scattering her ashes somewhere, but when it came down to it, we were faced with a dilemma about where we would "go" to visit her later, place flowers, remember her, etc.

So I called Oaklawn last week and found out that they give grave sites to Veterans (which I am) and so we thought that was pretty good. It's a nice place, in a quiet neighborhood, and well maintained. This whole thing is kind of strange.

When we got back, Jane asked me to discontinue the infusion, which I did. About an hour later, she was feeling poorly, and eventually got sick again. First time for us during daylight hours, so it's something new. She slept for a few hours afterward, and then by 6:30pm, she started to get sick again. Well, this is new. Twice in one day.

During the second session of being sick, Jane sat back in her chair and kind of looked away over my shoulder and said, "Ok." Then she looked at me and said, "I think it's going to be soon." I asked, "You mean soon now, or just soon?" She said, "Just soon."

She is resting well now. This evening after she had settled down, I got a basin of hot water, filled in with Epsom salts, and she soaked her feet while we watched "Across the Universe." Near the end of the movie she said, "I'm tired" so I took her to her chair in the bedroom, got her settled in, and said goodnight. I hope and pray that it is again this night.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane and Doug and family,
Our prayers are with you for comfort and peace. So thankful you have the love and support of family around you just now as well as a multitude of prayers.
Jane, I have always appreciated that you enjoy the outdoors as much as I do and treasure the many walks we have taken together.
I love you, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Doug and Jane,

Our prayers as always are with you. After our nice conversations last week the Lord brought to mind one of my favorite hymns, Arise, My Soul, Arise. I will share a few verses and pray that they will bring you some comfort and peace;

Arise my soul arise
shake off thy guilty fears
the bleeding sacrifice
in my behalf appears
before the throne my surety stands
before the throne my surety stands
my name is written on His hands

My God is reconciled
His pard'ning voice I hear
He owns me for His child
I can no longer fear
with confidence I now draw nigh
with confidence I now draw nigh
and "Father Abba, Father" cry.

Peace and love to you,
Lisa H.