Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice Week with My Sisters

(Doug Posting for Jane)

My sisters, Terry and Sue, came from California to visit me this week. They arrived last Saturday, and left just about 20 minutes ago. They were so helpful, keeping me up and walking, feeding me, having intimate sister conversations. It was wonderful, and tough to let them go.

My spirits were high all week long, and I have been up more in the past week than in the past month and a half.

I had a chemo treatment yesterday, only the Erbitux, and so it went pretty fast. The oncology nurses at Ambulatory Infusion gave us some wonderful gifts this week. First of all, the secretary at the center brought over two coolers with casseroles in them for the family, which came in especially handy feeding the 7 of us (my two sisters and us). Yesterday, during my treatment, I was given a card with a variety of gift cards, such as Pizza Hut (great for the kids), Fred Meyer, Safeway, etc. etc. These kind of practical gifts are wonderful!

So many of you have, and continue to support us physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We cannot begin to thank all of you enough for all the love you have extended to us. And we want each of you to know that we LOVE you! Not only for what you DO, but mostly for WHO (WHOSE) you are! If it were not for Jesus being in your lives, all this could not have been possible.

I continue to struggle with pain in my abdomen, and difficulty eating (mostly because it causes my stomach to hurt). We are trying to get the pain to a manageable level, by taking hot towel treatments (that Doug applies) Epsom salt baths, etc. I am still tired most of the time, and my stomach is turning and churning a lot of the time as well.

That's about all for now. I am scheduled to have two or three more treatments, and then a PET scan to see how my body has responded. Please pray for continued endurance, and positive results from the PET scan.

With love to all . . .

Jane and Doug


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good visit with your sisters, Jane. Hope the sunshine this weekend lifts your spirits.
Karen B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane:
I am so happy that you had a wonderful visit with your sisters, and that you are feeling up. You and Doug are very brave people, and I feel lucky to know you both. I will keep the prayers for healing going for you. I do not know how to help except by giving encouragement and prayers, but if you need anything, please let me know. 758-6668. Love, Regina

Anonymous said...

We miss you alot at work. Praying for you and your family. On a funny note, we took the little plastic snake that showed up and put it in Tom's mailbox, then he threw it at Cindy and it wanders to different people. Reminds me of you and the funny jokes you and Tom use to play. Cindy won't let me get a plastic mouse, cuz she's afraid it will end up in her mail box or drawer or ??.

Will be praying for endurance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
Hope this week is going well for you too. If it's a slow one, at least you know why -- sounds like last week was a busy one! Be sure to get up and outside some. Relax in the sun (when it peeks out) and play in the snow (I guess it snowed in Philomath this morning, maybe here too -- in April!?). Enjoy the beauty and peace of His creation!

Praying for you,
Cindy K