Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fund Raiser at Woodstock's Pizza

Our dear friends are organizing a fund-raiser at Woodstock's Pizza on May 5th.
Friends of Jane and Doug can go to Woodstock's Pizza on May 5th, no matter the time, take out or dine in, and 50% of the money spent on food (pizza, drinks, etc.) will go to the fund to help support us. The fund-raising could not happen without the restaurant being so supportive and generous, our friends spreading word, and people coming to support that day.

Jane is hoping to feel well enough to attend the fund-raiser, so if you'd like to see her and support our family at the same time, please plan to attend. We will post the time we anticipate Jane will be there in a future posting on this blog and hers.

Thank you dear friends and Woodstock's!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane and Doug:
Herbie and I thought about it, and I will come over with money for you that would buy one big pizza. This way we feel we are helping you more than if we just went in and bought a slice. I will call and find out when it is okay for me to come over. Jane, if you are sleeping, fine, I will give the money to whomever answers the door. Love and Prayers, Regina

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for an address or some other information about how to do something similar, as I'd rather contribute money and am less interested in obtaining a pizza. Although Woodstock's is top notch. Any directions?