Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

I apologize to those of you who read both of our blogs; at the moment I'm duplicating them just in case some don't read both, and sometimes the postings will be different.

Yesterday afternoon Jane had a blood draw to check her renal panel (kidney function). The doctor called back this morning, and said that he was pleasantly surprised that her blood work looked good, and that there is no sign of starvation yet.

The hospice nurses arrived almost at that same time, and had the same news for us. They accessed Jane's port and began the IV infusion, which has been going now for the past 5-1/2 hours. She will be finished with the infusion shortly, and we will flush her port, and leave it accessed until tomorrow, when she'll have another infusion. We'll do this for the next 6 days if all goes well.

Jane is feeling fairly good right now, so that will be a blessing for her sister when she arrives this afternoon; we also have a couple more family members coming later this week and next week. Brent, Shelly, Lily and me visited the hospital today where I work. The nursing staff (my dear friends and colleagues) have been so wonderful to us, and they were all excited to meet my family.

I dropped them back off at the hotel, and came home for a nap. It's about time for us to disconnect Jane's infusion pump for the day, so I'll post later as things go on.


Anonymous said...

Dear Doug and Jane:
Glad about the good news. I pray that Jane does feel better and can enjoy the family. Also praying that she is comfortable. Left a card with something in it for you people in your mailbox. I did not want to knock on the door or disturb anybody. Love and Prayers, Regina

Dee said...

Hi Doug and Jane,
You don't know me. My son goes to Zion and today, they sent home the flier about the fundraiser at Woodstock's. I may try to go. I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for what you are going through and to say that I understand, just a little bit.

I have metastatic breast cancer - found that out in February. I'm doing fairly well and I believe we caught it early. But this comment isn't about me. I have a blog, too, and the address is at:

I am sending it to you because I am collecting boob jokes - and plan to write an academic article on the topic. I thought if you want to laugh, you could see some of the jokes that I've posted. Click on "humor" under labels. I know that it helps me tremendously to laugh - even through tears.

God bless you. Dee

Bob Hodson said...

Bob Hodson:
Jane I will continue my prayers for both you and Doug and the rest of your family.
Jesus understands what you are enduring and you will be starting a "New Beginning" when Jesus chooses the perfect time. I will be preaching at the Mennonite on the 25th of May and that will be my sermon (New Beginnings). I'm trying to find the correct words to say and the only words that come to me is that I LOVE YOU!
God Bless you Jane ... BOB