Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Have I Made a Difference?

Hi friends. This is Doug posting for Jane tonight. If you have read my blog, you will know that Jane had a rough night last night. Up sick from about 2:15 -3:15AM.

After awaking this morning, I was talking with Jane, and I shared an email that my sister Pam received from a Korean lady that used to live here. Jane had a conversation with her at the Church picnic at the Osborn Aquatic Center. Here is the message that she sent to Pam:

"I'm very sorry to hear that Jane is fighting against cancer. I remember her play instrument in the service time. I can't forget a conversation with her in the "church picnic at OAC".

I asked what school her kids attend. She said her husband (your brother) got lay-off from his workplace, so her children had to transfer to public school from Zion school. I was so surprised at that time."

"It was very big and hard change for her and her family. But she was calm and sound. She said it's good opportunity for her husband to have music education." [She must have misunderstood Jane on that point. -Doug].

"I learned what is right attitude at a turning point of life-whether it's good or bad in our view- from her. "I thought it's because of power of belief."

"I'll pray for her. Please say my greeting to her."

Jane read the email, and began to cry. I asked her what was going on and she said, "I want to know that I've made a difference."

If you know Jane, or even if you're beginning to get to know her through our blogs, you'll probably agree that she has made a difference in so many people's lives. I recited the names of several people who Jane befriended during the years that I've known her. People that many have found difficult to love; people that have been rejected, unheard, unrecognized. But Jane has seen something in them that was worth loving; worth spending time with.

She has listened patiently during long conversations with those people; not judging them, but rather encouraging them, and inspiring them to rise above whatever situation they were in.

I also reminded her of how she met a Christian man 22 years ago, who was just coming out of a painful divorce, and how she endured his selfishness, lack of wisdom, and numerous other flaws, to watch patiently as God molded him into a man who could truly love her unconditionally.

I assured her from the depths of my heart, "you have made a difference."

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