Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30

It's Monday (night). Had my 5th treatment today. Usually first day is not too bad, though that neuropathy is kicking right back in. My legs are even kind of tingly this time. We'll see how the week progresses.

I'll have one more treatment on May 14. I am scheduled for a PetScan on the 18th, and get results on the 23rd (which is Doug and my 20th wedding anniversary!) Hope we get a good anniversary gift that day!

All my blood levels are doing good at this point. The CEA level (kind of a cancer 'marker') was down to 5.5 today from 8.5 last time, so that's a real praise!

Now, I'm beginning to feel like the rubber is really started to meet the road as I near the end of this first go. The doc's perspective is that this will not completely go away with chemo only. Chemo is viewed as palliative care (keep it at bay as long as possible, keep the patient comfortable). I may still not be a good candidate for that surgery if there are still spots on my liver and lungs, but he will talk to the doc in Seattle after he reviews the scan. Plus, that surgery is sounding more and more invasive. Gee, do I want to do that? I am going to bring up the subject of radiation again, but they say it's not really an option. I need to find out more about that and why. Of course, we'll get all the details should we head in those directions.

It's possible they can do some zeroing in on the liver, but we have to wait and see. If there has been a change, decrease and it seems I'm responding well to the chemo, then I will probably be looking at more cycles of that. I am looking at some of the natural options more and more and at some point, will try those as well.

I would appreciate concerted prayers from now to PetScan date that we will see a significant change for the better, if not completely clear! The doc said "well, best case is we look and it's all gone." Even though that would be unusual from his standpoint, wouldn't it be a wonderful testimony to the power of prayer! I would love to stand before that doctor, and be able to tell him how mighty and faithful is my God!! He's my 100%.

In any event, we shall see what we shall see.

I just have to send you a couple of pictures. I had two great rides this weekend, one I wandered
off by myself (which I love to do) went about 60 miles. Then on Sunday, Doug and I went through Kings Valley and meandered around to I20 then back to Corvallis. So, that was about another 50-60 or so. Had a great time and feel I can settle into this treatment week a happy camper (or rider, as it were).

Hope you all have a great week.


jack Glubrecht said...


Glad to read and see that you've been out for some rides. I continue to pray for your healing and will include petitions for a clear pet scan!

Miss hearing your voice on the other end of the line when I phone the church office—Oh for the days of calling in at "deadline" for the newsletter. Thanks for all the times of extended grace.

Blessings in The Rock!

Anonymous said...

Jane, I love your bike pictures! You two look great next to your bikes. I am glad you were able to get out for some rides. Even for a non-biker it sounded very fun.
I'll pray for a clear scan as well.
Also want to share some scripture I studied this week
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13