Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 21

Well, I'm in what I can only describe as the 'chemo cavern'. It's hard to find words to describe what this stuff feels like coursing through my body, but pretty much all my senses are affected (taste, sense of touch, smell, fatigue, overall sense of 'yuckiness'). I don't mean to complain, mind you, but, for the most part during treatment week I feel like I crawl into a sort of cave... hard to explain. So far, thankfully, the nausea has been kept at bay with the meds, though they make me sleepy.

But the upside (thank God for upsides!) gradually, things will start to feel 'normal' again, energy comes back, and I feel like me again. Most importantly, the end goal is that these drugs are doing what they are meant to do. A very strange journey indeed.

I've gained back some weight, (don't want to gain too much!) but this has made the doctor happy. With all the wonderful meals and treats friends have been showering upon us, it's no wonder! What a blessing you all are!

I am looking forward to next week (my off week) and perhaps having enough sun breaks to take a cycle ride or just get out and enjoy Spring.

So, two more treatments (April 30 and May 14) providing all my blood counts and organ functions are still good). After that, we'll do another scan and go from there providing what the results are.

Thanks once again for all your prayers and support!!


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Anonymous said...

We are just checking in and wanted to let you know we are praying and monitoring your progress in your blog(s); thank you SO much for the effort you put into these to keep us informed so we know best how to pray.

I am grateful and encouraged by your sheer honesty and positive attitude--that's the 'SPIRIT'!

Sher, Andy & Ashley