Saturday, March 3, 2007

March 3

Catching up from the last post...

Had the scans yesterday. What an experience that was, especially the MRI! Very noisy machine!!

Hopefully, we'll get the results early next week. I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I have been wondering how you were doing, and I am so glad that Melinda gave me this address so I keep up with how you are doing. KNOW that you are in our prayers and you are facing big challenges! Love, Carol for the Weavers

Anonymous said...

That should have been "as" you are facing big challenges. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane,
It is great to have this blog site to know how you are doing. I hear from Pam, but always good to hear it first from you. Thanks for taking the time when you are not feeling well.
We too are praying for you and the whole family. It truly is a God given peace to have such faith during trials such as this. Take care Jane, love from the Gannons