Monday, March 5, 2007

March 5

Well folks, got the scan results back today. Looks like there are 3 small spots on the liver (millimeters), and one on my right and left lung, and a node in the pelvic area.

The doctor hopes the systemic chemo will shrink these areas, and said we will keep an eye on them. His plan is to do 6 cycles of the systemic chemo (3 months) then do another PET scan to see where things are at.

In the meantime, Doctor Neville will contact Dr. Mann (surgeon) in Seattle. He suggests we still go for the consult with the Doc in Seattle; as to if and when we'll do surgery, that will depend on how I respond to the next 3 months of chemo.

I see Dr. Neville again on the 19th and will probably have a bunch more questions for him by then.

I had my first treatment today. It was kind of scary at first, and now I'm waiting to see if I develop any of the side effects they mentioned and to what degree. I'm carrying around a little pack with a pump that I'll wear until Wednesday. Then I'll be free (hopefully) until the next treatment on the 19th. During this time I'm hoping to get out on my cycle!!

Along with so many dear friends and family members, I have tremendous support through the hospital chaplaincy and hospice folks I've come to know in the past couple of years. I will be looking into therapeutic massage, maybe acupuncture, relaxation techniques, and definately diet and nutrition to help my body as much as I can!

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. I'm still not very worried, there's just not a whole lot I can do but hope for the best, live one day at a time, and always remember Who's hands I'm in.

Our God reigns!
Let your spirit be strengthened.
Our God reigns!
Let your spirit rejoice!
Our God reigns!
Though it's sometimes through darkness;
There is light in our darkness,
Our God reigns! – Pam Mark Hall


Anonymous said...

Jane, your attitude sure helps my attitude... tough stuff. Prayin' daily, and looking everyday for the green light to go ridin' together. Love you, MA

Carol said...
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Anonymous said...

I appreciate you taking the time and effort to let us know how you are doing and where you are at in the process. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Karen Berg

Anonymous said...

Jane, you are in our prayers always. Thanks for sharing. We love you .. Bob & Elaine

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I am sorry to hear the most recent news! Thanks for keeping us updated. We prayed for you last night.
Good weather is on the way so perhaps a ride with MA is not that far away. :)
Bless you Jane!
Laura G.

Anonymous said...

ear Jane:
I will pray that the chemo works, and you will not need surgery. As I said before, I will put your name in for healing at my Temple. Take care. Please feel free to call me. 758-6668. Love, Regina

Anonymous said...

Woops! Didn't mean to remove my comment! Hi Jane, you are an inspiration. Your attitude ROCKS! We are in prayer for you. Carol for the Weavers