Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19

My second week (off-week for treatment) was great! So, even with one chemo treatment under my belt, I have to say I haven't felt this well in months, which attests to how badly I've actually been feeling for the past 6 months. Most of the initial side effects wore off by Sunday of the first week or became so slight that I forgot about them, so I was able to enjoy feeling like myself for a change. Saturday was so beautiful, I ventured off on my motorcycle and it felt GREAT!!

I went in to the office for about 15 hours last week too, and it felt good to be there working and helping out the staff in the office as much as I could.

Today was round 2 of treatment.
The doc added another drug, actually a bio-therapy drug called Avastin, which slows the growth of blood vessels that supply the tumors. I guess these grow faster than normal vessels, and are not as hardy. So, I got 4 drugs today along with the anti-nausea stuff. I'll have to watch for elevated blood pressure and possible bloody nose with this one.

I can feel the neuropathy already (cold sensitivity), but I am better equipped this week, since I know what to expect. I feel so much stronger in this past week, and really turned a corner sometime mid-week (realized it as I was laying in bed wide awake one night). I know it's all the many prayers and thoughts being directed on my behalf. It's been incredible.

So, day one of treatment 2... I'm going to see how I do and will get work done from home and if I'm doing OK, go in to the office too.

Many incredible things have happened with us, even amongst the doctors we deal with. It's the 'timing' of things, that otherwise one could just not plan for... things that are helping take the edge off and helping us breathe a little easier. Some are big things but alot are little things, like a friend dropping by (with coffee!) just when I needed someone to talk to, or a timely phone call or card in the mail. Some have been financial helps, and those have been awesome to receive.

Here's a small one: I bought a loaf of bread at the co-op awhile back. It was bread I could digest and it is very healthy and tastes great. As I stood in my kitchen eating a piece of toast, because that's all my stomach wanted at that point, I read the label (Dave's) story on the back. It totally blessed me, as it tied in somewhat with my relationship with my oldest son, Matt, and to see the success this fellow now has. If you want healthy bread try 'Dave's Killer Bread' (yup, that's what it's called). Get it at the co-op and we just saw it at Fred Meyer in the health food section, too. Good stuff. Read the labels!

So, many things to be grateful for...the warmth of the sun, realizing how many people love me (I think we'd all be surprised to know just how many lives we all touch)... an awesome supportive husband, wonderful co-workers and friends...blooming flowers... motorcycle rides with the wind in your face... my teenage kids... family... the promise of spring...

Have a great week


Anonymous said...

Jane, how awesome of a testimony! Wonderful news and I love your openness and honesty. Your style feeds my prayers for you and family. Now, quit hoggin' the road alone and call me for a ride! Love, love you. MA

Dave said...

Hi Jane...I still haven't met you, other than thru emails. But I was glad to see that you had started a blog. I actually found it because I signed up for Google Alerts and you mentioned my bread in there! Thanks for that. I love the way you are making the best of this situation, and I love that my bread has been a small part of that.
I hope to meet you next month when I am back in Corvallis.
Ride on!