Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30

So, here's the latest... We made an appointment for next Tuesday (June 5) in Seattle with the surgeon. Our plan is to leave Monday and come home Tuesday after the appointment (11:00am). There might be a change in this as they called me back after they received the written report, and wanted me to send the CD's (with scans on them) so the surgeon could physically see them. The words were 'so he can tell if there is actually something he can do that will help'.

Now, I took that to mean that perhaps the written report didn't indicate enough significant cell activity to warrant surgery (thinking positively!) When Dr. Neville looked at it with us, he was straining to see anything, so this is why I'm thinking in this direction.

What I'm hoping is that they get the CD's in time to look at them and make a decision. It would sure be nice not to have to go, and also, not to need another surgery at this time.

Prayer request: Seattle doc sees the scans in time for us to cancel our trip if need be, and that he doesn't see anything significant enough to warrant surgery.

I did decide to do some more chemo. Dr. Neville suggests another 6 cycles. I will start next Wednesday and will decide when to stop, as that has always been left up to me. I'm thinking maybe 3 more. But we'll see. It's been great to have this extra week off!! Still some side effects and the doc said that it could take up to a year for them to fully go away. Sometimes they stay with you.

On another note: I've been riding my motorcycle and have had some great rides. One of the neat things about riding is that when you pass another rider, there's this 'wave' etiquette, or like a high-sign. Those gestures can mean a number of things (at least to me who reads into EVERYTHING!!) They could mean, 'hey isn't this cool'? 'hey, fellow rider' or just 'hey'.
My waves mean, 'hey, I'm having a great time, hope you are', 'you take care, be safe'. Sometimes I give a 'peace sign'. I have even prayed for riders I've passed.

I think riders realize that, while this is fun, it can also be dangerous. It's in that realization that we can relate all we've learned and love about riding, and express that in a single wave.

So, fellow sojourners, consider yourselves 'waved' at this week by me. 'You take care, be safe. Yes, this can be a dangerous, unpredictable ride, but it's also fun and can be downright exhilarating!' Enjoy life while you can still 'ride'! Don't wait!



Regina Berman said...

Dear Jane:
I will send my prayers that the surgeon will find nothing to do surgery on, and you won't have to go to Seattle. I wish for you to regain your strength and health, and know you are surrounded by prayers. Love, Regina

Anonymous said...

I wave back, Jane.


Anonymous said...

You're amazing Jane!!!

Thanks for sharing your insight and positive attitude with us! And thanks for talking the other day. It really helped!

In Health!
Cindy Killip