Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

Hallelujah! Doug got his acceptance letter today into the nursing program! This is great news today! Thus begins another chapter...

Side effects of treatment are definately accumulating. I'm feeling pretty crummy these past couple of days, in all honesty. I was running a slight fever last night, and this is a first. The nurse said that often 6 cycles seem to be a cut-off point, sometimes people go on to have 12, but by then they are pretty wiped out with virtually no good days. Even now, having 3 or 4 good days every two weeks is not much fun... I can't begin to imagine doing more without doing some irreparable damage to my nervous system and organs, so I will definately need to be hearing from God, for wisdom and direction in the future, despite what the scan shows.

Please pray for me as I also look into alternative therapies, and decide if this is the way I'll try for a time.

So, PetScan this Friday morning at 7:30am. Results on Wednesday, the 23rd. We'll keep you posted.

As always, I rest in God's hands


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Doug on acceptance to nursing school!
Jane, I will continue to pray for you, especially now as you are seeking some extra wisdom regarding your treatments.
Laura G.

Anonymous said...

Keep your spirits up! It's so discouraging to feel crummy day after day, but remember that God pulls us closer to him during our greatest struggles, and with each challenge he molds us into the children he wants us to be. One good thing: if each challenge makes us better, you must be nearing perfection by now!! I am confident that God will provide the answers you're seeking. I just pray that you can find comfort and happiness during these difficult days.

Hang in there and rejoice in the Lord!
Cindy Killip

Regina Berman said...

Dear Jane:
Congratulations to Doug on his going into Nursing School. Please know that we are all praying for you and supporting you. God will give you the answers, just listen, I know you do. All my love, Regina

rosepua said...

Thanks for your honesty, Jane; gives specific ways to pray for you... Awesome news about Doug; you belong in nursing school. ;) Love you, MA