Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15

Wow, finally getting back to my blog. The last few weeks have not been so great. After last treatment (Jan 30), I was really wiped out, sleeping a ton. My back started hurting about 6 days into treatment cycle. At first it felt like muscle pain then it moved into my right lung and it really hurt to breathe. Long story short, I ended up the pneumonia. We were actually very relieved to know that's all it was! Thankfully, I didn't have to get hospitalized, and was sent home with antibiotics. I am healing, getting some energy back, though still have some discomfort in breathing and lung area. But it's so much better than it was!

I had to skip treatment (13th) because of this (which was ok by me). We'll see if I'm well enough next week to have another go at it. Red blood count is low (I'll get a shot to boost this next week), otherwise all other blood work is still good. CEA level is down to 6.8, which is also very good that it's coming down more. There's nothing worse than to go through all this and feel that it's not doing any good. So these blood tests are encouraging.

The doc in Seattle went on vacation until this week and is supposed to be reviewing my scan and getting back to me. His assistant corresponded with me last week to say he's very busy but will get back to me as soon as he can.

So in the meantime I'll continue with chemo. Doc Neville wants me to do 3 more treatments of this regime. We may or may not scan again after that, just have to wait and see how I'm feeling.

Prayers would be to hear from the surgeon soon and wisdom in going forward with surgery. Also for Doug's peace of mind and finding a different position at the hospital. CNA work is very hard, especially with 12 hour shifts. Also for the kids, that they will make right coping choices during these times of stress. Daniel got a job at Dairy Queen, but he needs more hours. Amy is doing well in school and just joined LaCrosse so this should keep her busy.

We also need to make some decisions on our pets. I just can't care for them and I've had to spend some money on one of my cats who is sick. I'm torn between finding out what's wrong with her and spending the money. We won't do any interventive stuff for her but just want to keep her comfortable or, if she has something terminal, to put her down. So I need wisdom here. Also, if you know anyone who would love to own an 8 month old female Boxer pup, let us know. She's really a wonderful dog but too much for our household right now.

Friends and family still prove to be an incredible support. We honestly could not make it through this without you all. We have been remiss to send thank you's and such, but please know how much we greatly appreciate all your kindnesses and sacrifices to us. It just goes beyond

Hope you have a wonderful weekend (maybe more sun!!?)



Anonymous said...

Dear Jane:
Very happy to hear that you are feeling better. Just get your strength back, and let your body have a little rest. Think about surgery very carefully. Are you strong enough for it? is my question. Between the Pneumonia and the Chemo your body has been putting up a great battle with the help of God, Family and Friends. If all the MDs feel you can do this surgery, and you want to go ahead with it, than go do it with God's Grace. Will call you sometime next week and see if you need me for anything. If you need me before, just call 758-6668. It is fine to leave a message on the machine. Love and Prayers, Regina

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're over the pneumonia, Jane. Stay strong in spirit!


rosepua said...

Time for a cycle ride?? I am; been a very long time. Gotta see if it will still start! :)