Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15

"Your surrounding friends will take good care of you."
- fortune cookie

Hi all,

I had treatment #5 last Wednesday and just today feel like I'm semi-normal. This one took more wind out of my sails. My bloodwork CEA level climbed to 17 a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Neville thought he would have seen it go down by now (although last week it went down 1 point, for what that's worth). Since there hasn't been a significant change in the CEA he wants to do the PET scan this Friday (Jan 18), to "see what's going on." This is fine by me.

Again, the prayer at this time is that I'll be able to have the IPHC surgery. (Not that I'm eager to be operated on stem to stern, but as I've been saying, "drastic times call for drastic measures.") This will perhaps increase my odds of a longer survival. Dr. Neville also mentioned possible clinical trials with a couple of biologic drugs they are testing at this time, and that also he would contact some docs up at OHSU who are "interested in these types of problems." I responded well to the Oxilyplatin before, but that's the one that causes neuropathy and I am not too eager to go back on that one. We'll just have to see what the scan shows.

My disability claim was denied so I am looking into appealing it. Apparently I needed to be working 40 hours a week and not 30-35. Didn't know that. We'll see how that goes. I understand getting disability has gotten to be very difficult. Too bad for the folks out there that really need it.

So, tomorrow is my 53rd birthday. Wow, it sounds old and then young at the same time. Depends on what you're comparing it to, I suppose. I am glad to see the sun today and they say more tomorrow, so I will plan to soak some in as much as I can.

I will let you know the scan results, probably early next week.

Have a good week


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane:
Trust in God, trust the doctors, and trust yourself and your family. I am with you 150%. Get all the facts about surgery before undergoing. Important to find out EXACTLY how long the recovery time is. Always add on to what the MDs tell you. I am putting your name in for healing at my church this weekend. Love and prayers, Regina

rosepua said...

Happy belated, Jane! Shoot! I didn't know (of course) it was your birthday. I hope your day went very, very well, and that you, indeed, got outside while the sun shone... Thanks for the update. Love and prayers your way, MA

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane:
Good luck with the PET scan today. I hope the news will be good. You are always in my thoughts. I am down with the crud right now, but as soon as the crud leaves, and I feel I can be of help to you, I will call you. Also, please do not hesitate to call me if you just want to talk, etc. Phone is 758-6668. Love, and Prayers. Your friend, Regina