Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 21

I am gradually recovering from chemo. I have a good amount of energy back, but I do notice that I 'hit a wall' when I've done too much, and need to watch for that. The neuropathy in my fingers and toes is changing a bit, as it's actually a little more painful, but the ND doc says this is not necessarily bad, unless of course if it gets worse. My nerve endings are in the repairing process, and this sometimes brings different sensations. I'm eating well (most of the time!) and trying to keep up on the supplements. My mouth is better and I am gaining back taste buds. I even think I'm getting a few eyebrows back. Although I know these peripheral side effects aren't life changing, it's just nice to see some sense of normalcy. The body is an amazing thing, always working hard to repair itself. We truly are 'wonderfully made'.

I'm back working, not quite full time, but up to about 27 hours last week. It's good to be busy, although it's kind of hard spending my 'good time' at work when I'd rather be taking advantage of what's left of the summer! (who wouldn't?) But, life marches on regardless of our situations. Bills need to be paid!!

That's not to say I'm not sneaking in some fun time. We had a good ride last Saturday to the coast. It felt good to be riding again. And, we have a new addition to the family: a puppy! Amy has been wanting one for some time now. After much searching, we finally settled on one. Her name is Hazel, she's an 8 week old boxer. So far, she seems to be a very calm doggie, even for a puppy. She's pretty much Amy's dog, at least for now. I'm taking a low profile on this one! Amy just loves her!!

So, next blood check is Sept. 3. Kind of nervous but also feeling that I'm resting in God's hands. This cancer thing is so huge, that one has to lay their hope in something much larger, no matter what may come down the pike. There's a point of surrender, not to be confused with giving up, but it's the best way to walk through life in general, I'm finding out after 52 years!

Anyway, hope you all have a nice rest of the summer. I'll keep you posted.

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rosepua said...

Thanks for the update. Surrender and giving up; I like your emphasis on different from each other. Love, and ready to ride when you are. MA