Friday, July 27, 2007

July 27

These last couple of days are a blur. Treatment #10 is as far as I go for now. My blood pressure shot up past 200 during this last treatment so we had to stop one of the drugs. I went on to have the other three, but boy oh boy, am I feeling it. I've slept alot since Monday. Stomach stuff, fever, etc. I will see Dr. Neville next Friday to discuss taking a break and what the plan during that will be. He's in favor of the break, so I feel good about that. My 'tumor marker' (blood CEA level) is still at 2.3 which is good.

In the meantime, I will be seeing a natureopathic doc (Dr. Weizer) through the Providence Cancer Center in Portland on Monday. He himself is a cancer survivor. He mainly treats cancer patients, particularly with supplements and nutrition, so I look forward to building my body back up and feeling good again, for, Lord willing, as long as I can. Hopefully, as I build up my immune system, my body will have a better chance of fighting. Should I need more chemo down the road, my body will at least be stronger to handle the side effects.

The one thing I like about this ND is that he works with a team and there is also an MD on staff, so they seem really balanced. Plus his fees are half of what I was going to pay down in Ashland, so this is more do-able for us. Dr. Neville was surprisingly OK with this and is interested in what Dr. Weizer recommends for me.

Friends and family, don't fear. I will track closely with Dr. Neville through this whole process. He will check me regularly (not sure how often yet), and I certainly have not closed the door to more chemotherapy or even more surgery should I need it in the future. But for now, I really, really need a break.

Fall plans: Doug will proceed with nursing school come September. Daniel is going into the welding program at LBCC (pray he gets a grant!). Amy will start her Sophomore year at CV, I will keep working as much as possible. And we'll keep praying for God's will and sustenance through this all.

Please continue your prayers for peace in our home and hearts. Every step in this process brings questions and what ifs. Pray we keep our focus and not be derailed by the uncertainties, and live each day to it's fullest.

Thanks again for your caring support,

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Judith said...

Hi Jane,
I'm so happy for you to be having a break from the chemo! It is a rough treatment, but it is fighting a deadly foe. I liken it to a war zone, the cancer is the enemy and the rest of your body is the collateral damage and victim of "friendly fire".
The ND sounds like a positive thing and not only closer but more affordable.
Hurray for Doug and Daniel each setting out on new adventures in education, and for Amy to get back to highschool...and Jane to work. Yours will be a BUSY household!
Many blessings on all of you!
Keeping you in my prayers...
Judy F